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On the 9th of April 2012, Björn Fröman the founder of and Herbalife Millionaire Team Member lost his life during his trip to the Himalayas in Nepal. This tragic loss has shocked many people. Bjorn was a very kind-hearted person, always reaching out to help others, genuine, generous, sincere and humble.
A true giver!

He helped many people around the world through RecruitSystem and through his mentoring as well as through his active involvement with charitable work and donations with orphanages in Thailand and Malaysia.

Many friends and acquaintances around the world have been asking how they can reach out to help and send their sympathies and condolences for this huge loss of a special person.

The day before Björn passed away, he was staying at this very small village up on the Himalayan mountain with some very poor villagers. When they visited a school there, he saw the poor children, many are orphans and that really brought tears to his eyes and he was determined then that he wanted to do something to help these children, whether it's to give them cleaner water, or blankets or food or books, etc. He told his friends that he wanted to do some donations for these children and also want to set up something to get more donations for these children.

Unfortunately with this tragic loss, he is no longer with us, let's carry on with his idea, carry on his legacy as this would be the best way to honor this very special person. Björn would like it.

Let's do our part, borrow his vision and see what he saw, feel his mission and donate whatever or however you can to make this happen.
We want to call this The Bjorn Froman Foundation.

Click the button below and donate whatever amount you can, no amount is too small and no amount is too much.
These donations will go straight to the Foundation which goes straight to the people that are in need.

Paul Morton who was with Björn on the trip put together a video of their trip here below.

Here is a video from the Online Meeting on April 23rd.

Robin who was with Björn on the trip says:
“The moment we stepped inside the very little kitchen of the village chief and we saw the poor albino kids, Bjorn got completely soaked in tears... then he decided to start working even harder to make more money so he can do much good for others. This is when he made us realize that it's not always taking care about our own selfish needs, but our purpose in life should be to do good for others.. That defines a life well lived. Bjorn did way more than that... Now, its our turn to do something that can truly make a difference in other people's lives.”

Goals for the Naurikot Village in Mustang where Bjorn spent his last day:

    Urgent needs
  • 2 Orphans (6yr old girl and 9yr old boy) who need help with basic food, clothes, shoes and warm bedding
  • 2albino kids who need their eye checked and clothes, shoes, food
  • 10sets of warm bedding for community centre, where people have nothing to tug into.
  • Lots of warm clothes, shoes, story books for 23 children between age of 3 and 11
    (If you have any extra pair of clothes, shoes, books, it can help too)

    Short-term goals
  • A memorial park dedicated in the name of Bjorn, so people can sit comfortably and enjoy the beautiful scenery which Bjorn loved it very much!
  • Sponsor 2 kids per year to the boarding school in another town after their grade 5 graduation
  • Start a feeding station in their primary and secondary school as the children cant get enough food from parents
  • At least a health-post in the village with a doctor standby and basic medicines
  • Proper public toilet/bathroom in few corners with good hygiene

    Long-term goal
  • Fully equipped medical centre/hospital within 2km distance
  • A resuce helicopter on stand by with night-vision
  • Boarding school for both primary and secondary school
  • Education centre where people can learn how they can be independent through their own resources
    And much more as time passes by.. let this be Bjorn Froman's Legend.

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