Online Meetings

Now Everyone Can Work From Home!
When your prospect live too far away or can't come to see you
because of no time, no car, no this and no that. Invite them to
the OnlineHOM, all they need is a computer and internet connection.

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Team RecruitSystem have over the past 4 years hosted the most exciting
OnlineHOM's in Herbalife.
Our HOM's are developed with the focus to introduce prospects that live too far away to meet with us as well as to help our
team to have a sense of a Team Feeling if they also live far away from a traditional HOM. We show our new Distributors to
do what we do, as well as participate in the weekly Monday Online Training.

Please Note: As well as our 'traditional" HOM's are open to all Herbalife Distributors , our OnlineHOM are also open to all our
Herbalife Friends. What we ask from you is to not ONLY TAKE, but ALSO GIVE BACK, share your story, bring positive energy
& contribute to the team, then together we are unstoppable. (Please help us to manage your downlines so that they also

They say that T.E.A.M stands for Together Everyone Achieves More….That is very true!

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Thanks to our amazing team of Herbalife friends you can build business in 18 languages:


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